Monday, December 5, 2011

Gluten Free and new Burger King Fries

If you have started to see the Burger King television ads promoting their new French fries, you might be wondering if they now contain gluten.

The fries are still on the company's "gluten sensitive" list, which includes menu items that do not contain wheat, barley, rye or oats.  Kristen Hauser, a Burger King spokeswoman, sent me the most updated version of the list this morning. It indicated the fries continue to be made without gluten-containing ingredients.

Hauser did not immediately provide details on specific ingredients. But if she does supply that information I will update this blog. Of most concern to gluten-free consumers is a  new coating reportedly on the fries to keep them crispier and hotter longer. 

Burger King continues to note that the fries may be fried with gluten-containing foods. This could include breaded onion rings. Foods fried in oil shared with gluten-containg items are generally considered to be cross-contaminated and unsafe on the gluten-free diet.

Burger King says the new fries are thicker and have less sodium. "A thicker cut of potato gives each bite more fluffy, potato flavor on the inside and crispy, golden-brown deliciousness on the outside," the company said in a press release anouncing the change in their fries, the first since 1998. 



bookladydavina said...

so much better to make your fries at home yourself.. and I have a trick for soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside fries! it does require home canning though. Simply cut your fries and bottle them in quart jars the same way you would any other potatoes (though we do add seasonings to the bottling mix, that way they are pre-seasoned..) then, when we want fries, we just open a bottle, pat them dry and fry them up. So yummy, you know exactly what's in them, and when they're gone, well, then you're done and no more fries. 1 quart jar is good for 2 people (ok, maybe more, but you're not gonna want to share..)

Mal Awesome said...

When I worked at BK 10 years ago they fried the onion rings in the same oil as the fries, so I would ask before ordering them. So far the only place I can eat fries is Wendy's and I always call first if it's one I haven't been to before, to make sure they have a separate fryer for the nuggets and fries (which most do).