Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gluten-Free Living in a store near you

Gluten-Free Living has been sold in Borders book stores in various locations around the country for almost a year. And this summer Barnes & Noble started carrying our issues.

But I hadn't been able to find a copy in my local Barnes & Noble. Until now.

I was productively spending time in the store recently (Read waiting for my son's high school sport's practice to end!) when I decided to check for Gluten-Free Living once again. I rummaged around in the health section of the huge magazine display. Lo and behold there it was.

I have to admit I really had to look. The only part of the magazine that was visible was a tiny strip of color that I thought I recognized. The health magazines are packed so tightly on the rack, you can't really see the full cover of any but the one of top. I was really excited to find the magazine I write for being sold right in my own town.

For many years, Gluten-Free Living was available strictly through subscription. And we still continue to sell most copies that way. But our marketing manager Kendall Egan was determined to get us onto the shelves of the big bookstores and she succeeded. In addition to the book stores, some Whole Foods and about 40 Wegmans also sell Gluten-Free Living.

As of today, you'll be able to find the store closest to you by going to our homepage, and scrolling through the list. We're also available at many smaller health food stores, some of which are also included in the list.

When you look for Gluten-Free Living in a store, don't be discouraged if you don't see us right away. Look through the health, nutrition or special diet section, and you'll probably be able to find us. And if you don't, ask the store manager. Also, don't wait too long after a new issue comes out because we might be sold out! Of course you can always subscribe by going to our website.

I have to confess that even though I already had an issue at home, I couldn't resist the thrill of going up to the Barnes & Noble register and buying another for myself. The feeling was like a singer hearing his song played on the radio for the first time or a small company finding its gluten-free product on the mainstream supermarket shelf. Priceless.


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Anonymous said...

Great post! It's always great to find a new gluten-free store!