Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eat, Eat, Eat

I attended the Gluten Free Culinary Summit at the Culinary Institute of America this past weekend. What a feast! A typical day consists a full breakfast at which more food than you could possibly eat is served followed by several cooking demonstrations each of which include a sample of the food demonstrated. Then you are treated to a full lunch, also consisting of more food than you can possibly eat, several more demonstrations in the afternoon, a break and then a very fancy dinner complete with wine and all the trimmings. It’s like an Olympian eating event and the only way to survive is to pace yourself carefully.

It’s also quite delightful, even for someone like me who does not enjoy cooking nor do I fall into the “foodie” category. Still I had a wonderful time and my take on all this is that those people who like to cook, who even go to school to study food preparation and service, are a special bunch of individuals who are always nice to be around and who like to provide enjoyable experiences for others. That the GF Culinary Summit focuses on, of course, gluten-free food makes it all the more astounding.

As it happens, there are two summits this year. The “western” summit will be held at Johnson and Wales University in Denver on October 3 and 4th. You’ll find full information at Check it out. It would be a fine vacation/learning experience.


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