Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Help with cost of gluten-free foood

Recently, I wrote about an innovative program to help those in need with the cost of gluten-free food.
Now the Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Palm Beach County Celiac Support Group is helping a mother and her daughter by providing a $25 per month voucher through the group's Gluten-Free Assistance program.
Phyllis Kessler, support group president, told the Post the daughter was diagnosed but her mother was struggling to feed her.
It’s great that the program is helping one family. But Kessler said it can help up to 30 participants this year, with the possibility of doubling that number next year.
Hopefully word of the program’s first participant will help spur others in South Florida with financial need to apply. The program is open to those who have celiac disease or dermatitis herpetiformis and are living at or below the poverty line. The voucher can be used at designated stores to buy gluten-free items.
Applicants must provide proof of income that meets federal poverty guideline levels and/or proof of participation in other public assistance programs, including food stamps, federal public housing assistance or Medicaid. The PBC board of directors will then determine who qualifies for the assistance program. All information provided as part of the application process will be strictly confidential.
Kessler is also looking for the program to spread beyond her own group. "I hope other celiac support groups across the country do something similar," she said. South Florida residents who are interested in applying should contact Kessler at 561-637-0396 or


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