Monday, October 1, 2012

October Pinterest Contest!

Now that we have our first contest under our belt, we want to lots of people to have fun with this topic!   How many people have plans to go apple picking over the Columbus Day weekend?  I have such fond memories of my kids when they were little going apple picking with all of their cousins.  It was a ton of work and inevitably one or more of the aunts or uncles got bopped in the head with that big picker-stick with the basket on top.

For the next three weeks we would race to use up the bushels of apples we brought home!  I was always the best cheater on apple pie…two frozen gluten-free pie crusts thawed will yield a lot of tarts or a double crust apple pie.  But, maybe it’s time to try something new….

Pin It to Win It October Apple Recipe Contest
It is peak apple picking season in many regions of the country! What is your favorite way to use those apples? A muffin? A cake? A hot apple cider toddy? Share your Granny's baked apple recipe! Or create a spook-tacular (and healthy) Halloween apple party snack! Do it and you could win big in our Pin It to Win It October Apple Recipe contest.

Create a Pinterest board and fill it with your favorite tasty and creative gluten-free apple ideas. Then, head over to our Facebook page and share a link to your board for others to see until October 22, 2012. Our staff will judge each board and choose a favorite, and that Pinner will win a free one-year subscription to Gluten-Free Living and will be our featured Pinner on our blog and in our newsletters. Here's how to enter:

1. Follow Gluten Free Living on Pinterest at
2. Create a Pinterest board with your favorite gluten-free apple recipe ideas.
3. Post a link to your board on our Facebook wall for a chance to win!

If you are a mom or dad who packs lunches for your gluten-free child, be sure to click on September's gluten-free lunch box winners Pinterest board.   Jordan Nicole Chapman continues to add delicious and fun ideas for any child’s lunchbox.
We can’t wait to share the apple boards with you!

Kendall Egan

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