Friday, February 24, 2012

Bought Vinegar, Not Pastries!

What are you supposed to do when the temperature reaches the high 60's in February? Get outside to enjoy the sunshine! This is vacation week for many schools in the north east and my sons and husband are enjoying sun and surf in Florida. My daughter and I stuck around due to basketball, but the season ended and we have been enjoying a quiet week.

On a whim, we decided to go into New York City and check out Chelsea Market and The High Line Park. Both are equally interesting. The Chelsea Market is home to a lot of bakeries, a market, a few stores and some pretty amazing food.

We picked up some Thai food for a late lunch and my daughter said she would go back for a cannoli after we finished. Eating outside in February, in New York City, is practically unheard of but we went up to the high line benches and joined many others who were relishing the great weather and the good food from various eateries in Chelsea Market.

I think weather anomalies are a reason for celebration when you live in a region of the country with true seasons. A day as beautiful as yesterday is a gift and there were many New Yorkers and visitors who were taking full advantage of the warm, breezy temperatures.

My daughter went back inside for chocolate dipped cannoli filled with cream. Even though I did not see any gluten-free pastries in those bakeries, I purchased pomegranate vinegar, balsamic vinegar and some merlot salt from The Filling Station. I am so excited to drizzle those vinegars over a salad or to make a reduction for a nice chicken dish! If I had wanted something sweet there were places within walking distance that have gluten-free baked goods.

I celebrated a gorgeous day and spent some precious time with my daughter who is happy to poke around in stores and wander through the city.

Today, it’s rainy and cold and I have had a very productive day at the computer…but I have my NYC “tan” along with the inner glow of a few stolen hours of time off.

Kendall Egan

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