Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our new addition

We have some exciting news to report. We've just launched our new ezine, glutenfreeliving express.

This newest Gluten-Free Living product is available free just by subscribing at the bottom of our homepage.  It will be delivered directly to your email in-box and is designed to keep us in touch with the gluten-free community between issues of our print magazine, Gluten-Free Living.

Each issue will feature a gluten-free news story unique to glutenfreeliving express. The ezine will be interactive, seeking your input on our hot topic question. Plus it will link you to our information-packed blog and our popular ingredients question and answer page, called On Your Plate.

The inaugural issue of glutenfreeliving express features a story on the first  completely gluten-free in-supermarket deli, with details on future plans if the concept is successful. And we ask you an important question about your dealings at the deli counter. Almost as soon as the ezine was sent to early subscribers, we started receiving answers to our question. We'll include some responses in the next issue.

Gluten-Free Living was the first publication devoted to gluten-free issues when Ann Whelan, editor and publisher, started it as an eight-page black-and-white newsletter 15 years ago. Since then we've made many changes to keep up with the changing gluten-free lives of our readers. The magazine has grown substantially, to 60 pages full of original reporting and writing, and our cover and photos are all in color.

We've had a website for many years that includes reliable information for those new to the gluten-free diet as well as veterans. Several years ago, we added this blog with posts that share our personal experience and insight on the gluten-free diet and lifestyle. And recently we made back issues available as digital downloads. We're also very active on Twitter, as gfliving, where we share and comment on gluten-free developments, 140 characters at time. You will also find us on Facebook, where we communicate with our fans regularly. All of which says we are always looking for new, exciting ways to  actively engage with everyone in the gluten-free community.

Our  new ezine is another step in that direction.  Our goal is to give you useful news, ask thought-provoking questions with answers that will be helpful to everyone who is gluten free and make it quick and easy for you access our blog posts and ingredient information.

So subscribe. Take a look and let us know what you think. We hope you end up as excited about glutenfree express as we are. 

Amy Ratner

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