Monday, February 28, 2011

More from Kellogg's On Gluten-Free Rice Krispies

In my last post on gluten-free Rice Krispies, I wrote that Kellogg's was not quite ready to make an introduction official. That seemed a little strange given that Ashley at Gluten Free Appetite had a photo of the box.

Then on Friday those who had contacted customer service (including Sandra Robins at Gluten Free Optimist who alerted me) started to get emails saying, yes, it was true that the company was going to introduce a gluten-free version of the cereal.

So I went back to Mike Morrissey, manager of  brand public relations, this morning and here's what he said:

"Given all the buzz -- and the photos on line -- we can confirm that we will introduce gluten-free Rice Krispies. They should arrive in grocery stores in late-May. We are still working through many of the specific details (price, distribution, final nutrition information, etc.) and will be happy to share them with you in the coming weeks and months."

So it does seem Kellogg's has been listening to gluten-free consumers for some time as they developed the new gluten-free cereal and then again in recent days as everyone was clamoring for news about them.

I'll write about the details as they become available. Right now the only things we know come from the photo of the box. From the ingredients label Ashley posted on her blog, it looks like Kellogg's is going to roll out a version of the cereal made with brown rice instead of white rice. And no malt flavoring. Unlike General Mills, which took the malt flavoring out of several varieties of Chex cereal to make them gluten free, it looks like Kellogg's is going to make a separate gluten-free product while continuing to make the original Rice Krispies.

Amy Ratner


Suzanne said...

The next time you talk to Kelloggs could you please ask them if the product will be made available in Canada?

General Mills does not sell Chex in Canada and this forces us GF Canadians to drive to the border (or find someone who does) to score some GF Cereal.

Kelloggs could take over the GF Market here!


Amy said...

Hi Suzanne,
I will be glad to ask about Canadian distribution.
And Chex should really think about making their cereals available north of the US border!

Richard said...

it's all about the packaging for us to get the products in Canada-we have to have English and French and companies are hesitant to spend the money for separate labelling.

tturai said...

I wrote to Kelloggs and enquired whether gluten free Rice Krispies will be available in Canada and received the following response:

SUBJECT: Kellogg Canada Inc.

Thank you for contacting us on-line. We appreciate your interest in our company.

Unfortunately, the product you inquired about is not available in Canada. We at Kellogg Canada and our related companies, continually conduct market research to develop new and existing products. Based on the market research results in each country, a decision is made on which product will be enjoyed by the majority of our consumers. Your feedback is appreciated and will be considered when planning future product line improvements.


Charmaine Haddock
Consumer Response Specialist
Consumer Affairs


janet said...

Good news in Canadda
CHEX has introduced a fantastic line of Gluten free cereals to the shelves in all the major food chair stores

Aleong said...

Rice Krispies now have their gluten-free version in Canada and its made with brown rice. I guess they took a bit longer to cross the border but I'm glad they did!

Aleong said...

Rice Krispies now have their gluten-free version in Canada and its made with brown rice. I guess they took a bit longer to cross the border but I'm glad they did!