Thursday, April 15, 2010

FDA gluten-free survey - This just in!

As hard as it is to believe, the FDA already has all of the responses it needs for the survey on gluten-free labeling. The survey will be closed shortly, according to the research group conducting it.

Here's what Katherine Kosa of RTI International said in an email:

"I have learned that people received an ineligible response not because they are ineligible but because we have reached our quota way faster than we expected. We received an overwhelming response to the survey in the past 24 hours and cannot keep up. We will be closing the survey shortly."

I think everyone is surprised that all the needed responses came in so quickly. (We did have one person who commented on my earlier blog that this seemed to be a possibility) The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness only this morning sent out an email encouraging gluten-free consumers to participate. We first heard of the survey and started promoting just yesterday morning.

I can understand how some people feel they did not have a chance to have their say with the survey opening and closing so quickly. Earlier today it seemed that the problem was too many people responding at the same time. In fact, the problem was too many people responding period.

Hopefully, the FDA will come up with a way for those who could not participate in the survey to have their comments heard. One of the positive things to come out of this is the demonstration that those who follow the gluten-free diet have a strong voice and will take the opportunity to use it.



Karyl said...

The limit for responses must have been set way too low - both on the survey website as well as by the study itself. FDA & whoever supports them on this study may not have have the information needed to accurately estimate potential response. Also, I'd like to know if the survey website was designed to prevent automated responses.

marylandceliac said...

I am disappointed I didn't get to take the survery, but also glad so many people quickly responded. That makes a statement about how large the gluten-free community is and how much we need labeling improvements! Do you think that responses would vary between those who completed it immediately and those who may have waited until near the original scheduled closing date?