Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gluten-free cookbook with 1,000 - count em - recipes for celiacs!

I was so excited to wake up yesterday morning, settle in with my coffee and newspaper (Yes, I still actually read a real newspaper in the morning!) and find a gluten-free cookbook among the five selected in the Baltimore Sun's Taste section as perfect gifts for the cook.

Carol Fenster's new "1,000 Gluten-Free Recipes" was right up there with books from Bon Appetit and the editors of Food and Wine. Writer Kate Shatzkin said that because of the current economy, she chose books that pack a lot between their covers. "We want the cookbooks we give to offer more - more tips, more variety, more recipes," she wrote.

Carol's terrific new book certainly fills the bill. In fact, Gluten-Free Living editor and publisher Ann Whelan gives the book rave reviews in the new issue of our magazine. Ann also asked Carol to tell a little about what it's like to develop and taste test 1,000 recipes. Check out the magazine for details. (By the way, GFL is being sold at Borders bookstores for the first time this month! The first release is small so if you don't find us ask the manager about offering GFL in the future.)

I had the good fortune of running into Carol at a meeting recently, and I asked how she had managed to maintain her slender figure with all that cooking and sampling. With her usual good humor, Carol confessed she had added a few pounds. It looked like she had also managed to lose them!

If you really like the popover recipe from the book that the Sun included along with the story, you might find yourself tipping the scales with a few extra pounds. Ahh, but it would be worth it. To see the Sun story and recipe, go to

I should tell you that my husband is an editor at the Sun and gave me a heads up that Carol's book would be on the food page.

But my 14-year-old son (who may be one of the last teenagers in the country who still reads a real newspaper while eating his bowl of cereal) just happened to notice it. He was pretty excited to find a gluten-free cookbook in the newspaper and made sure he pointed it out to me. Now I'm pointing it out to you.



Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

I discovered Carol Fenster's latest book on a recent library trip. I HIGHLY recommend her pizza crust recipe! I have sampled many gluten free pizzas (some good...some very, very bad!) and Carol's pizza crust is as close to the "real" thing as I have found.

elizabeth atkinson said...

Hi Amy and Ann -- I love GF LIVING Magazine; it's been a terrific resource for my daughter with CD who is now in college. My GF book, GLEE! An Easy Guide to Gluten-Free Independence, is coming out in March (to be published by Clan Thompson). I have a blog leading up to the book's release and just plugged your wonderful magazine at Thanks for producing such an excellent source of information!

Amy said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Your book sounds interesting to me as I, too, have a daughter with celiac disease who is now in college. Let me know more about it. And thanks so much for the nice blog about Gluten-Free Living.