Monday, November 17, 2008

Working in My Pajamas

When my son came home from high school one afternoon last week and found me still in my pajamas, his reaction was to ask, "Are you sick?"

That's kind of ironic because when people find out I telecommute to my job at Gluten-Free Living (another way of saying I work from home), the first thing they often say is how lucky I am to be able to work in my PJ's.

The fact is I rarely ever do. I am usually dressed and at my computer about the same time as most 9-to-5'ers in the working world.

But last week we were in the production phase of putting out Gluten-Free Living, which in the magazine publishing world is the busiest time. That's why I didn't get dressed but woke up and went right to work, still in my robe and slippers. I suspect that my co-workers probably did some of their work in pajamas too, either early in the morning, late at night, or over the weekend.

One of the reasons we were especially busy this time is that we put out the largest issue of Gluten-Free Living in our history. The magazine, due in subscribers mailboxes in mid December, is packed with all kinds of valuable information. Included is a story on prescription drugs and the gluten-free diet and an expanded food section.

We all face lots of challenges right now. We hope the expanded magazine will help you deal with any that have to do with maintaining your happy, healthy gluten-free life even if it means we have to work a few days in our pajamas.


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