Monday, June 10, 2013

Gluten-free 20-somethings hit the blog scene

Through blogs and social media, gluten-free 20-somethings are navigating the complicated world of jobs, school, roommates and dating.

Graduate student Candice of

Young bloggers bring their fresh perspectives to the lifestyle, providing insight on the trials and triumphs of getting out in the world gluten free. Some bloggers share recipes and restaurant reviews, while others use their blogs as platforms for social change. Still others offer a more artistic, personal account of their experience, like gluten-free travel and dating mishaps. From east coast to west, Milwaukee to San Diego, these young writers are living life to the fullest.

Below, we’ve put together a list of 14 young, gluten-free bloggers you should tweet, follow and friend.

And in the July/August issue of Gluten-Free Living, you’ll find an in-depth look at the way 20-somethings are navigating their young adult lives, including some who use the web to dish about their gluten-free lifestyles.

Embrace G-Free
Graduate student Candice Clifford shares positive energy, empowerment and resources through her posts and poems.

Lindsey Schnitt, whose friends call her “the schnittuation,” blogs about food, restaurants and events.

The Hamroff sisters of
Celiac Sisters
Samantha and Brooke Hamroff, sisters diagnosed when they were 16, list their favorite eateries and share other news.

G-Free Laura
Laura Hanley posts advice, product reviews and delicious recipes.

Gluten Freeways
Stephen, a young foodie who’s never let the gluten-free diet stop him from eating out, focuses on restaurants in San Diego, where he lives, and those he visits in his travels. Every blog ends with “Do you love it or do you love it?” That says something about his attitude.

CC Gluten Freed
CC Bonaduce empowers readers with her social and political activism, encouraging gluten-free communities throughout the country.
Sprinkles & Allergies
Bethany Trainor tackles her multiple food allergies with mouth-watering recipes and encouragement for readers.

Celiac Teen
Since the age of 15, Lauren McMillan has blogged about how she “let go of the gluten” in her journey with celiac disease.

College Student with Celiac
College undergraduate Chynna Foucek posts friendly anecdotes and recipes.

Jenny of
Creative Cooking Gluten Free
Culinary student Jenny Manseau posts recipes and reviews products.

Gluten Free? Gimme Three!
Anna Luke catalogs the ups and downs of living gluten free and reports the latest restaurant news in Washington D.C.

Gluten Free Betsy
Chicago’s go-to girl on all things gluten free, Betsy Thompson, provides advice on dining out and products.

Celiac in the City
Milwaukee-based Sarah Nielsen blogs weekly photos of her dining, cooking and travel adventures.

Celiac Scoop
A blogger passionate about nutrition, Christie Bessinger shares easy recipes and health tips based on her experiences.

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