Friday, May 25, 2012

New Wegmans' gluten-free products

If you live near a Wegmans supermarket, you might have noticed that the grocery chain has launched its own store brand of gluten-free products.

Included are corn pasta in four shapes and four baking mixes. There are already more than 1,700 gluten-free items among Wegmans store brand foods. But the new pasta and baking mixes don't just happen to be gluten free. Instead they are specialty products formulated to be gluten free.
In addition to boldly stating their gluten-free status on the package label, the pasta and mixes are also marked with Wegmans' gluten-free key, a white G in an orange circle.

Wegmans says the gluten-free key only appears on products with ingredients that have been verified to be gluten free and have no risk of being cross contaminated.

For recipes, and new product info go to Wegmans'

Also, if you are a Wegmans' shopper, keep an eye on your postal mailbox for coupons for free pasta and a baking mix.

Amy Ratner

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